Traditional Medicines and Indigenous Ways:
Justice and Sustainability for the Global South

The COVID-19 pandemic continuously urges us to examine questions of global inequality and injustice, and revive experiences countering Eurocentric modernization and hegemony. Activist intellectuals, especially from the Global South, will exchange and debate the following four themes:  

(1) Vaccines as a Global Public Good;
(2) Modern Sciences, Colonialism, and Capitalism;
(3) Traditional Medicines as Alternative;
(4) Indigenous Civilizations and Practices.

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Screening of The Fever | Details
Jan 27, 2021, Wed, GMT/UTC 1000-1200 hours (English subtitles)
Jan 27, 2021, Wed, GMT/UTC 1600-1800 hours (Spanish subtitles)

The Fever is a documentary (1h 39 min, 2019) directed by Katharina Weingartner. The Fever questions malaria management as a colonial legacy which is largely maintained by the Global North including big pharma corporations, donors like the Gates Foundation, and even experts at the World Health Organization. It also portrays the fight against malaria in East Africa as a case study in greed, courage and self-determination. Click here for more information about the movie.
27 Jan 2021

Time 8-10pm HK Time

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