South South Forum on Sustainability

The South-South Forums on Sustainability (SSFS) aim to bring together thinkers and actors predominantly from the South but also from the North for a dialogue and exchange on two key areas of concern – alternative development, and ecological sustainability, putting a focus on articulating and understanding experiences on the ground, especially relatively autonomous, self-managing local units and their interdependent networking and relations of mutuality.

As one of the many initiatives for such convergences, SSFS recognizes and values the large pool of existing efforts, resources and convergences, and aims at adding to cross-border exchanges in the endeavor for the formation of new historical subjects for cultural and social change for another possible world.

SSFS hopes to bring together old and new generations of committed people working for ecological and socio-economic justice to articulate knowledge produced by experiences on the field, common reflections, and new findings about the critical reality, in particular, from communities that defend their commons. It hopes to help cross-fertilize initiatives practiced by organizations and networks, not to duplicate the efforts, but to foster further inter-connections. It hopes to experiment with creative and self-reliant forms of interacting, networking and managing resources.