Privacy Challenges and Big Data in Smart City

Ip Iam Chong
Ip Iam Chong on smart lampposts, big data
and privacy challenges, Dec 2019. Available in Cantonese only.

This project looks at the processing of large amounts of personal data through millions of interconnected devices, such as mobile phones, surveillance cameras and barcode scanners. Individuals’ activities and features, ranging from hobbies, geographical location to bio-data, are subject to data collection and analysis. In turn, processed data is repackaged and sold back to individuals as personalized service products such as domestic surveillance camera and health watch. However, the pervasiveness of the collection, uses and analyses of personal data paradoxically lowers individual awareness of the risks involved, such as disclosing personal data to third parties against individuals’ and public interests. Security data leakage happens not only to business organisations and public institutions, but more frequently at the individual level regarding the personal
of privacy. This study, adopting both quantitative and qualitative approaches, addresses the patterns of individual users’ handling personally related data in their everyday life and discusses their implications for policy and corporate governance.

Research team: Ip Iam Chong, Fu King Wa, Leung Kai Chi, Leung Yuk Ming Lisa
Funded by Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office

Tags: #surveillance

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