Lingnan Gardeners

Lau Kin Chi
Practice-based research into (urban) farming as a part of new cultures of sustainability has been undertaken from September 2014, when campus farming was initiated at Lingnan University. The pilot project ‘Lingnan Gardeners’ (LG) has served important pedagogic functions, and run seminars and practical workshops on agriculture, farming, herbal medicine, food processing, and health issues for students and community members. It has also entered into research collaboration with local universities (such as the School of Chinese Medicine of Baptist University), with communities in the neighbourhood (Yan Oi Centre in Tuen Mun, Tuen Mun Hospital, Cancer Patients Network, elderly home in Fu Tai, etc.), with universities in mainland China (East China University of Technology, Fujian University of Agriculture and Forestry, etc), and universities abroad (such as Zurich University of the Arts). Since the coronavirus outbreak, LG has also embarked on a project to probe into Chinese preventive medicine for the general public in daily life. LG also produces newsletters and books on the research and field activities. The impact of this pilot project is being felt in the wider public domain in Hong Kong and mainland China, where small groups of people have begun to experiment with sustainable farming. Groups with significant linkages to the original pilot project include: Sangwoodgoon, PEACE Nam Chung, and Little Donkey Farm.

The video was edited by Au Yeung Lai Seung and was produced by Lingnan Gardeners, Lingnan University, November 2018.