Cultures of Sustainability

Peace is defined as not only the lack of war and conflict, but also sustainable livelihood, ecology, and cultural tolerance.

This programme builds on the three research projects established as part of the Culture and Sustainable Livelihood cluster of the KFCRD in 2004 when Lingnan University hosted the East Asian secretariat of the “1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005”, a global project supported in different periods by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, and other partners.  

Prof. Lau Kin Chi

Senior Research Officers:
Ms Au Yeung Lai Seung
Dr Yan Xiaohui

Research Officers:
Ms Jin Peiyun
Mr Lee Kiu Chi
Ms Song Wei
Mr Lai Kar Hei
Ms Pan Tingting

Research Fellows:
Prof. Chan Shun Hing
Prof. Dai Jinhua
Prof. Michael Hudson
Prof. Sit Tsui
Prof. Wen Tiejun
Dr Erebus Wong
Dr Kho Tungyi
Ms Alice Chan Yin Man
Mr Kelven Cheung Yee Chung
Dr Chow Sze Chung
Mr Hernan Vargas
Mr He Zhixiong
Ms Huang Xiaomei
Ms Kou Hao
Mr Lau Kin Ching
Ms Jenny Li Chun Nei
Ms Josephine Tsui Wai Shuen