Cultures of Migration, Mobility and Labour

The themes of ‘Mobility’ and ‘Migration’ refer to contentious phenomena worldwide, yet they have special resonance in the context of Hong Kong. Once dubbed a ‘refugee society’, Hong Kong has witnessed layers of migration, complicating notions such as politics of belonging, identity and citizenship. The territory’s composition as an ‘international / cosmopolitan city’ also mirrored the global migratory human flows (apart from financial, technological and cultural flows), and the problems related with them.

Adopting interdisciplinary approaches, the Research Programme on ‘Mobility and Migration’ aims to combine critical lenses and methods of research in anthropology, sociology, migration and diaspora studies, critical race studies, globalization studies, gender studies, media studies, and performance studies. It gathers together research interests and expertise from staff members who have established track records with competitive government funding (ECS, GRF) in the areas of media, gender-sexuality, diasporic identity, and trans-nationalism.