Building Inclusive Workplaces for Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Hong Kong’s Financial Services Industry

Denise Tse-Shang Tang

Funded by Lingnan University's Innovation and Impact Fund, this study aims to increase public awareness on workplace issues and challenges facing lesbians and bisexual women working in Hong Kong’s financial services industry and to raise the professional standards of the overall industry. Workplace inclusion is a core component of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Hong Kong. Workplace inclusion points to the need for employers to recognize diversity among employees, to acknowledge their contributions to the work environment and to raise professional standards for the work force. Diversity within a workplace indicates inclusion of persons with different backgrounds as in racial, ethnic, health status, sexual orientation and gender identity. 

For this Knowledge Transfer project, we aim to examine the challenges and barriers facing lesbians and bisexual women working in Hong Kong’s financial and banking industry. Lesbians and bisexual women face a double glass ceiling in the workplace as a result of their gender and sexual orientation. This project aims to raise the professional standards of the overall finance industry inclusive of employers, employees, clients and customers. It will also increase the visibility of lesbians and bisexual women in the sector, improve lesbian and bisexual women’s quality of life in extension to social networks including colleagues, families and friends. Community partners for this study includes Hong Kong LGBT+ Interbank Forum and Lesbians in Finance. Formally established in 2016, the Interbank LGBT+ Forum organizes activities and facilitates best corporate practices for more than thirty member and observer companies in the financial services industry. Lesbians in Finance (LIF) is another working group within the HK LGBT+ Interbank Forum geared towards the specific needs and career development of lesbians working in the financial sector across Asia.

Funded by Innovation and Impact Fund - Knowledge Transfer Programme
Community Partners:
Hong Kong LGBT+ Interbank Forum
Lesbians in Finance

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