Ninth South South Forum on Sustainability


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The year 2022 will go down in human history as a turning point, accelerating towards global societal and environmental collapse. The reconfiguration of geopolitical blocs after the Russo-Ukraine War, the millions of deaths with the COVID pandemic, the economic downturn with severe food and energy insecurity for large numbers of the world population, and the irreversible devastations of the climate collapse, all these compel us to reject the promises of so-called modern civilization and progress, underpinned by capitalism and science and technology. How have we come to this point in human history? The theme of the 8th South South Forum on Sustainability last year was not “hope”, but “the politics of hope”, and we had 12 dialogues, 18 lectures, 4 workshops, and altogether, a total of 36 webinars, with 108 speakers from 36 countries. Almost all the videoed proceedings are available here. This year, for SSFS9, as a continuation of the dialogues on the politics of hope in the face of the imminent collapses, we would scrutinize the future of humanity. Dai Jinhua will inaugurate the Forum with the question: “Writing hope: moving ahead in the midst of the unreal and the unknown”, referring to the writer Lu Xun’s famous quote, that despair, like hope, is as vain and as unreal, and we need to move on despite the uncertainties and the vainness.

The political economy is one major area that is taken up this year, with eminent speakers including Michael Hudson, Wen Tiejun, Beverly Silver, Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Remy Herrera, Pedro Paez, and David Barkin. The question of modernization and modernity will be addressed by Muto Ichiyo, Vandana Shiva, Firoze Manji, and panels on the thought of Frantz Fanon and Gustavo Esteva. We will look at practices on the ground, and listen to community experiences in mainland China, Hong Kong, Indo-China, Venezuela, Mexico, and Rojava. Four eminent Chinese scholars -- Sun Ge, Zhang Xiaode, Huang Ping and Wang Hui, will speak in the last few days to postulate their views on peace, on agricultural civilization, on subjectivity and ecology, and on solidarity, non-alignment and a new international as steps forward for the South.

A South South Youth Forum on Sustainability will also be launched during SSFS9, to prepare for not only online learning and exchanges, but also physical interactions among youth from the global south.      

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Registration fee: HKD 800, waived for Lingnanians, and a 50% discount for other universities in Hong Kong.
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The sessions on Africa and Chiapas are on separate zoom links:
African People’s Struggles for Liberation (19 July, 2 August, 9 August)
Experiences with Indigenous Communities in Chiapas: Cosmovision and Sustainability (28 July)

July 8 - August 12, 2022